I've had several request to add a gear page to my site to let other players see what I use in the live shows with Michael McDonald.

So here ya go...



These are the four guitars I currently use with Michael:

Gibson ES-335- 2006

Gibson SG- 2012

Dr Mojo - custom made

Epiphone Elitist Casino - 2013

Rickenbacker 330 - 2018

Gretsch Electromatic - 2016

Fender Strat - 1993


Bottom Right to Left: Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Cry Baby Wah, Wampler Ego Compressor, Bogner La Grange distortion, Wampler Pinnacle distortion, Wampler Euphoria distortion, Leslie pedal...

TOP Right to Left: TC Polytune, Radial Bones ABY channel switcher, TC Corona chorus, JHS Tremolo pedal, Wampler Tape Echo, TC Hall of Fame reverb.... spare MXR Dynacomp.


This is a Fender 1965 reissue that I run through a 4x12 Marshall cab.  I use channel one for clean brighter tones and channel two for darker tones for distortion that is generated from my pedals.

Silver Jubilee Marshall cabinet with 2 Celestion 75watt Creambacks on the right side a 2 Tone Tubby  Ceramics on the left side.

Fuchs Technollogy 50watt Overdrive Supreme.  I use use this for Amp distortion.